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by D1FREAK - - 8/20/17 11:25 AM

2018 Patrick Lupro - Athlete

Game IQ - Patrick is a ballhawk. He has the ability to play multiple positions on offense and defense. He has a high football IQ. Pat has a great feel for the game and on the high school level can dominate most opponents.

Body Control - Lupro has great balance. He uses his size to his advantage. Although being 5'9 he is a very compact players with sneaky strength and athleticism.

Speed - Pat ran a 4.6 forty laser at Nike combine. He plays faster on the field. He flies to the ball, he isn't reckless on defense but is very physical on contact.

Size - He is 5'9 190lbs of pit bull.

Strength - Patrick is very physical. He maybe one of the most underrated athletes in Michigan. He's strength would be his ability to play multiple positions on the High School level.

Skill - Pat will project to play the nickel or safety on the next level. High ball skills and leaping ability. He reads plays well on defense. His skill set can be liken to a Tyrann Mathieu. Pat plays in a college style defense and should fit right in early.
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by D1FREAK - - 7/5/17 2:32 PM

2019 Derrick Hinton - Athlete

Game IQ - Derrick is very crafty and quick. He understands how to get into his route quickly, stack his defender, and separate.

Body Control - Hinton has great balance. He has little wasted motion. More importantly has the ability to out jump defenders which helps with his size.

Speed - Derrick has solid speed.

Size - He is 5'7 155lbs of elusiveness.

Strength - Hinton is an athlete that rotates between DB and WR. His strength would have to be WR. He is at his best on offense.

Skill - Derrick has room for growth at his position. He has DOG in him. This makes him a defenders nightmare, he will compete.
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by D1FREAK - - 7/5/17 2:17 PM

2018 Artese Gregory - Offensive Lineman

Game IQ - Artese is a deep thinker. This has pros and cons. He critiques his game and skill set which equals a hard worker. This also means he can at time me over critical which effects performance.

Body Control - Artese moves well laterally. He has quick hands and abnormally long arms. He is very flexible, he bends better than most skill players. He naturally attacks low.

Speed - His laterally quickness helps contain and keep defender in front of him.

Size - Artese is 6'2 280lbs,

Strength - His strength would have to be his flexibility and long arms. He is very coachable and is always looking to improve.

Skill - Artese earned his 1st offer from Akron
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by D1FREAK - - 7/3/17 10:21 AM

2019 Jacob Dobbs - Defensive Back

Game IQ - Jacob relies on his technique to make plays. He doesn't take a lot of risks. He is ver consistent and will always be in the position to make plays.

Body Control - Dobbs has a smooth back pedal. At times he can appear a little stiff when transitioning hips. He reacts well to the ball out of his breaks. He has good feet in drills.

Speed - Jacob is a tweener a LB in a SS body. His technique and ability to read play development makes up for any deficiencies with speed.

Strength - His consistency is his strength. He will always put himself in position to make plays. He has ball hawk ability because he reads plays well and follows cues.

Skill - Jacob was a big contributor on the varsity level last season as a sophomore. We project him a SS on the next level. He is extremely physical.
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by D1FREAK - - 6/27/17 8:30 AM

2018 Matt Harmon - Athlete

Game IQ - Matt has the ability to play several position. He will need to focus more on one position to perfect his skill set.

Body Control - Harmon is long and athletic. He has great balance and control for his size. We watched him line up at Tight End and run routes and turn right around and play linebacker. He has great range.

Speed - He has great speed for the TE and DL position will need to get faster if he projects at LB.

Size - Matt is 6'6 210lbs he has a thin frame which gives him range and the ability to move to different positions.

Strength - His strength is in the dirt. He is most consistent at the DE position. He has a quick first step and violent hands.

Skill - Matt is a Dual Sport athlete. Basketball has clearly helped him with quickness. On the next level he will have time to concentrate on football and a position. He has tons of potential and room to grow.
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by D1FREAK - - 6/27/17 7:36 AM

2020 Ian Stewart - Wide Receiver

Game IQ - Ian is very mature for his age. He understands what it takes to be a great WR. He has a next level switch.

Body Control - Ian bends well and stays low in and out of his breaks. He gets into his route quickly. He moves very well, and we had the pleasure of watching him torch defensive backs.

Speed - He has room for improvement but his route running ability makes up for any lack of speed. He will improve in this area.

Size - Ian stands 6'2 185lbs. He has a strong solid frame and is still growing. He is a strong WR who can handle and release well off press man.

Strength - His confidence and work ethic sets him apart. He wants to be great and its easy to read that. He is sneaky athletic. He posses the ability to out range most defenders with is long arms and leaping ability.

Skill - Ian is very polished for rising sophomore WR. He will continue to grow and improve on his skill set. He started as a freshman at Gibraltar Carlson. He holds several D1 offers as rising sophomore.
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by D1FREAK - - 6/22/17 2:45 PM

2018 Chris Brown - Running Back

Game IQ - Chris is a tough cover for any Linebacker. He is quick and has the ability to run routes out the back field. He is a solid pass catcher.

Body Control - He has great body control. Very little wasted motion. Quick and agile in open space.

Speed - Chris is a quick back. Better in open space were he is able to use his quickness.

Size - Chris stands 5'4 165lbs

Strength - His strength would be his ability to get open against most Linebackers.

Skill - Chris is a 3 year varsity starter for Fraser HS.
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by D1FREAK - - 6/19/17 4:06 PM

2019 William Racely - Offensive Line

Game IQ - William is a quick learner. He is coachable and is willing to take advance when provided.

Body Control - William will need to improve on having a lower center. He is stands high out of his stance. Could improve on full arm extension. He has a large frame which is difficult to move. William is stronger on his right side.

Speed - He has quick hands which makes up for any lack of foot speed.

Strength - His size and technique are his strengths. Very solid footwork and lower body strength.

Skill - Started as a Sophomore of varsity.
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by D1FREAK - - 6/19/17 10:51 AM

2018 Nicholas Whiteside - Wide Receiver

Game IQ - Nick is a technician at the receiver position. He knows the position well and uses that knowledge to take advantage of defensive backs.

Body Control - Very solid route runner. He has great hands and is fully capable separating from defenders.

Speed - Nick's straight way speed needs work. His route running allows him to separate, he will definitely will need to work on his speed.

Size - Whiteside is 6'0 170 with a long frame. He still has room to grow. Grew around 4/5 inches in the last year 1/2.

Strength - Nick's strength would have to be his route running and hands. He catches everything.

Skill - Started as Junior at WR
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by D1FREAK - - 6/18/17 7:18 AM

2018 Jhordan Rush - Running Back

Game IQ- Jhordan is a quiet mild manor athlete with a sense of urgency on the field. He is a great route runner with 0 wasted motion.

Body Control- He has 0 wasted motion, with very quick feet. He is a Linebacker's nightmare in the open field.

Speed- He recently ran a 4.6 40 at Michigan State camp but his quickness and explosiveness helps him play at a faster speed.

Size- At 5'5 Rush is small but plays with a much bigger heart.

Strength - His strength would be his route running. He could be a excellent slot WR and return man on the next level.

Skill - Jhordan was the starter for the D2 Division and Mac White Champions. He had an amazing season out of the back and was able to carry the ball 20+ times a game.
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