Every year, thousands of student athletes struggle through what can be a stressful, confusing, and at times, an emotionally draining recruiting process.  Even the proactive, who have an idea of how the process works, find very little answers and potentially an uneasy feeling they are somehow falling behind. 

We won't sell you a guarantee of scholarship offers. Our goal at D1FREAK, is to create opportunities for the athlete by providing the much-needed exposure they deserve. 

Our job is to help set realistic goals, develop a realistic plan, and provide relevant information to as many colleges as possible.

Next steps…

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High School Coaches



As a high school coach, you and your student-athletes can submit their athletic profile and videos to as many schools as they want via

Both you and your players have the ability to select the specific schools that will receive and review the video and information. Most importantly the price is right for families. Every Student-Athlete receives a free profile.

  • Refresh your detailed information / highlights daily
  • Check in daily for updates