• Categories: Journalism, Sports Media, Communications, Photography Journalism and Media Coverage: D1FREAK is looking for interns to cover high school winter sports. The internship will be a mix of photography, writing, research and contributing to short stories and longer features. You’ll be learning the basics of sports journalism in general and data-based sports coverage in particular.

      An enthusiasm for sports is necessary! You will keep and submit stats, pitch clever stories and deliver them. Interns will be asked to stay on top related news and offer insight and analysis to points of interest and what is driving the conversation for the day.

      Requirements: A basic knowledge and a natural interest of the major sports is essential. The ideal intern would have a sense of humor and be eager to think outside the box in terms of using data to cover sports in new ways.

    • What is it? Becoming a D1FREAK reporter gives you more than just another line on your resume, it gives you the opportunity to cover sports events at your school and the exciting world around them. As a member of the working press, you will get access like nobody else can, all while becoming a local celebrity.

    • What’s in it for me? The great thing about D1FREAK is that you (our team) are at the center of it. We aren’t owned by money-hungry corporations or shrewd investors looking to make quick profit online. This will be an unpaid internship opportunity. The skills you learn and master here can help with a wide variety of things, such as college applications, business resumes, and job interviews. In addition to that, these skills are multi-purpose. Although you are working for a sports media outlet, the experience you gain can be useful in any journalistic genre. Come join us and let’s make it big together as one team!

    • What will I do? This changes just about every day. For the most part, you’ll be doing what you want, when you want. We allow our contributors to pick and choose what they want to cover with little to no strings attached. Most contributors cover the sports and teams they like to follow, attending and reporting on events at their school.

    • Am I too old? No. Although we are geared towards high school students, we have no age limits. It is never to late to start something new.

    • What do I need? To start all you need is to be able to read and write effectively, and have a means to do so online. We aren’t looking to win the Pulitzer prize, we are looking to develop journalists that may some day go on to do so.

    • How will I balance my school work? We understand, respect, and encourage you to put school FIRST. We are willing to work around your schedule so you can keep your priorities in order.